Traditional Bows

Traditional Bows

Martin Archery continues to be in the business of archery manufacturing and designing of its accessories and bows . Martin archery is famous because of its bows – compound, traditional, and youth bows, which are superior in accuracy and speed. Among Martin’s more popular bow picks is the Martin traditional bow.

The traditional Martin Archery custom traditional bows may be used for recreational shooting or bowhunting.

Past traditional bows were made from composite materials that were widely used among the Greeks, Turks, Mongols, and the Chinese to name a few. Its use spread to Egypt and to a greater part of Asia in the 2nd millennium B.C. Roman Imperial archers used a composite traditional bow throughout the majority of their efforts across the earth. Evidence of its use has been found as far as Scotland. Among West Coast inhabitants, the traditional bow found use in North America. NorthAmerica decline was activated with the look of firearms.

The traditional bow saw rejuvenation like other competitive sports events and the Olympic Games in modern archery events. With substances and state-of-the-art technologies, the modern traditional bow is currently produced with its revival. Its limbs can have multiple layers of carbon, fiberglass and wood on a core of wood or carbon foam. Handle which is not joint or the riser is constructed from aluminum, wood, carbon or magnesium alloy. Most producers use carbon fiber (with metal fittings) or aluminum alloy.

Martin hand crafts its bows independently, with different customization alternatives from draw weights to draw spans, sights to handles, and even the grip styles to suit any one’s preference.Get the information about traditional bows you are seeking now by visiting