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Autocom CDP Pro Compact Analytical Associate for Cars is autocomobd2 multiple-vocabulary Vehicle Diagnostic Tools. Autocom cars diagnostics can perform troubleshooting, read real-time information, restore support messages etc. Autocom cdp pro autos benefit all European Automobiles and Western and North American Automobiles.

autocom cdp 2013.3 CDP Pro for Automobiles

autocom cdp pro

autocom cdp pro

As an universal multi functional automobile analytical instrument, autocom cdp pro becomes more and more well-known. When you order an autocom cdp pro autos or autocom cdp pro trucks from China supplier, you get your lot , you feel very happy and you are ready to utilize it.

You install and trigger autocom autos or vehicles nicely, it is possible to test device, however, you get information “VCI maybe not located”. Right now, you might feel really depressed, you may wonder the best way to solve this problem.

Here autocomobd2 would like to share with you the experience on fixing this difficulty

Measure one. Disconnect from net
Autocom CDP Pro 2-in-1 autocom trucks and autos

Step 2. Delete file including all files inside: “c:Records and SettingsUSERApplication DataAutocom113_Autocom Automobiles CDP_xxxxxxxxxxCARSCDP”

Step 3. Remove all files from file and settings /all consumers(and your consumer)oraplication day/autocom

Step 4. Start Main.exe, reactivate/reinstall applications and you’re done!

AUTOCOM CDP PRO three in 1 Additionally for Automobiles Vehicles Generic

Step 5. With this particular procedure autocom works without malfunction no vci found. But after reactivate software you got malfunction no car database.So you must update software and then autocom will function perfect.

StepĀ 6. Many important, stay offline on the internet when use autocom software.