Glass Porcelain Pencil

The coloured glass porcelain pencil, regretfully, does not obtain nearly as much acknowledgment or recognition as it deserves. Whilst there are hundreds of internet sites, blog sites and also galleries devoted to the preferred mediums of oil paints, watercolours and acrylics, it often remains a failed to remember device in the artist’s repertoire.

glass porcelain pencil

So with the ever-growing need for electronic artwork and the popularity of the extra typical paints, is there truly any kind of area for this sort of art?

Definitely. Whilst I might possibly create you an essay on the qualities of the coloured glass porcelain pencil, I have actually handled to tighten this down considerably as well as have actually developed 3 bottom lines:

1. It takes ability

It is arguably one of one of the most experienced art types, because of the fact the musician is normally limited to around 5 or 6 colours, occasionally less, relying on the piece. Yes, it is possible to mix these colours but only to a certain level before the cartridge paper comes to be saturated as well as transforms waxy as well as awful. This means that as an artist, you should be callous in your use of colour so no, it is not simply an instance of ‘colouring in’ an illustration in 15 mins.

2. It is an unique art kind

The appearances of art pieces performed in coloured pencil can be absolutely beautiful. This type of art is not intended to look like a picture – what would be the factor because? I have likewise seen artists make the mistake of trying to reproduce paintings using coloured pencils, to little or no make use of. Tinted pencil is a stand alone art form! The images produced have a deepness of tone which I simply do not assume could be recorded in the same way by say, polymers. There is nowhere to conceal with a glass porcelain pencil.

Now I’m not disregarding the graphite pencil either. I have actually utilized my reliable tin of graphites to focus on minimal shading for several an art piece in my life time. Nonetheless recently, I have been trying out noir-style illustrations – adding sprinkles of colour to or else greyscale art pieces. Think Wrong City yet much less visuals.

3. It is extremely prominent on social media

glass porcelain pencil

If you browse the hashtag #colouredpencil, Instagram will certainly raise thousands after thousands of outcomes. This is since the adaptability of this art kind allows Instagram artists to utilize it in a range of methods to catch the creative imaginations of their numerous followers. Social media proves that people do want to see this kind of artwork; it is simply more difficult to locate. For one factor or an additional, it is still not viewed as decent as the ever-present oil on canvas.

So what can we do?

Sharing artwork on social networks could well be a fast, fun and easy means of showing pieces however coloured glass porcelain pencil art needs to not be gotten rid of to social media. Gradually yet definitely, with any luck we will have the ability to bring coloured pencil art right into the mainstream, where it belongs.

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