The goal

Our goal is to help risk-takers achieve their hopes, dreams, and aspirations, by providing them with quality resources and knowledge.

The constraint

There are 52 weeks in a year. Each week we will review one book. These books are mainly business or self-help oriented, but some will stray to off-hand topics that we find interesting. Pick up a book and join the converstion!

The process

Reviews are posted on Sundays. We have created a schedule of books that are to be read and reviewed. There are open weeks, to make sure we can fit in new books or books that make our radar that previously weren’t there, but that deserve a spot. If you have any suggestions please contact us.

The people (person, for now)

Right now 52reviews is run by Eric Allam. He is a 22 year old entrepreneur, who is currently about to launch his first business, FizboFlorida.com. He is looking for another person to help author this site, so if your passionate about learning, and love to read and write, contact him.


Thanks to David Askaripour, who runs the sweet Mind Petals blog network, for turning me on to Young Entrepreneur blogging. Thanks to Josh Kaufman for creating the Personal MBA, a great resource for choosing quality books to further your business education. A big thanks goes to Steve Pavlina, for helping me find my purpose in life. A big thanks to Tucker Max for his incredible writing which have influenced me greatly.

Last, I would like to thank Neil Strauss, aka Style, for totally transforming my life. The first time I read your book, The Game, I went out and tried to hit on every chick possible. The second time I read it, I realized that it wasn’t about girls at all, but about becoming a man. Strauss, you are my personal writing hero.