This weeks book: Raving Fans

When is the last time you had a bad customer service experience? An even better question is, when is the last time you had an extraordinary customer service experience? If you’re like me, then the answer to the first question is “recently” and the answer to the second question is “I can’t remember”.

Raving Fan’s is about getting companies to help us answer the second question more often. It aims to make “Raving Fans”, instead of just “satisfied” customers. We’ll see just how good a job Raving Fan’s does on Sunday, when I’ll be posting my full review.

In the meantime please pick up the book at Amazon or your local bookstore. Both Borders and Barnes and Noble should be carrying it, so instead of waiting for shipping, go pick it up now. It’s a quick read so you should be able to bang it out this weekend.

Happy reading, risk-takers!

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Getting Things Done, Resource Edition

There has been so much written about Getting Things Done, by David Allen, that instead of writing a review, I am going to write about the additional resources there are on the web to make your GTD implementation better. Please note that this is not meant to be an exhaustive guide, only a listing of what I feel are the best resources and tools for GTD.

Websites and Blogs

  • is a blog devoted to Getting Things Done. I would start with this post that is a great overview of GTD and also includes a crap load of links for more information, and will dwarf this post to some degree.
  • has pointers on productivity, GTD, and life hacks. They update pretty frequently and have tons of readers. Make sure to check out the Podcast.
  •’s posts about Getting Things Done. Most of them don’t have much to do with the book, but they provide small systems for higher productivity, which would be approved of in the eyes of Mr. Allen.


  • Hipster PDA created by 43folders. Index cards, a pen, and a paper clip. It doesn’t get any simpler than that, but used correctly, can solve very complex organization problems.
  • The Moleskine (pictured left) is a notebook supposedly used by famous painters and writers, such as Picasso and Hemingway. I own 2. Check out some moleskine hacks at 43folders and their wiki. For a little more information than you’d ever care to know about Moleskine’s try the Wikipedia entry.
  • The Palm PDA can be used for a GTD implementation, for those of you who like to push 1’s and 0’s around instead of lead or ink. See Charles Olsen’s write up, as well as Sylvia’s GTD resource list.
  • Next Action Cards is a simple way to GTD, much like the Hipster PDA, but slightly more rigid.
  • DIY Planner provides templates for implementing a GTD system similar to the Hipster PDA. (From Nate in the comments, thanks!).

Implementations and Tutorials

  • Orielly DevCenter Getting Things Done with your mac. A good overview of implementation using a Mac. A little outdated, but a good read from the folks at Orielly.
  •’s great implementation read. Who doesn’t love diagrams?
  • The GSD System by Bill Westermann.
  • Custom Moleskin Planner is Mike Rhodes GTD system centered around his moleskine.
  • A Black Belt implementation that incorporates techniques in Mike’s and Bill’s implementations from above.
  • But she’s a girl has a tutorial on using Tracks a Ruby on Rails powered app.
  • Patrick Rhone has a great implementation of GTD using Backpack, 37signals personal organizer tool.
  • Jason has a pretty lengthy and hands on implementation write up in his blog, which I found pretty well thought out and well illustrated.


  • Backpack, as mentioned above, is very useful for personal organization. Again, read Patrick Rhone’s awesome write up for how to use backpack effectively. Also see What’s the next action, a weblog dedicated to using backpack for GTD.
  • Outlook Plugin was developed for GTD with help from David Allen. Outlook for GTD has help for using Outlook for GTD without the plugin.
  • GTD for Lotus Notes. Link to a Yahoo group dedicated to using GTD with Lotus Notes.
  • pyGTD is written in Python and can be used on a PC, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • Tracks is a Ruby on Rails application specifically for GTD, as written above.
  • Evernote software for taking notes. Very exhaustive. Webpages, images, links, emails, phone messages, sketches, and full documents. Windows Only.
  • iClip is similar to Evernote but for OS X.
  • Update: Kinkless GTD (kGTD) is a set of applescripts to be used in conjunction with OmniOutliner Pro that was brought to my attention after writing this post by 43folders. This project looks very exciting and I am most definitely going to experiment with using this for my implementation.

Other Resource and GTD listings like this one

  • GTDtools
  • Sylvia’s list is pretty good, but its a little old and some of the links don’t work.
  • Wikipedia’s entry on GTD. Not as large as you would think, im pretty sure the Moleskine entry is bigger.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for resources you would like to see on or off this list, leave it in the comments. I will be writing about my GTD implementation sometime in the future, when I have it refined to a point that I am comfortable with sharing it.

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This weeks book: The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene

First, let me explain that I was originally going to be reviewing The Long Tail this week, but I never received the blogger review early copy that was supposed to be here last week. That’s ok, the book comes out tomorrow and I will buy and review it next week.

For this week, I bring a book into the mix that isn’t on the schedule, but that circumstances and a higher power has led me to believe I should read it immediately. That book would be Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power. I’ve always had an interest in his books and that interest resurged this week when he launched his blog Power, Seduction, and War under the blog network. After reading Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of Tucker Max’s interview with him, I couldn’t wait any longer to read what this man had to say.

A quick summary of 48 Laws from

“Learning the game of power requires a certain way of looking at the world, a shifting of perspective,” writes Robert Greene. Mastery of one’s emotions and the arts of deception and indirection are, he goes on to assert, essential. The 48 laws outlined in this book “have a simple premise: certain actions always increase one’s power … while others decrease it and even ruin us.”

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10 tips on how to read any book in 7 days (or less)

Here are some tips and tricks I have implemented that allow me to read ANY book in 7 days or less. These tips are for those of us who don’t have hours a day to lounge around and read, but those who lead an active lifestyle.

1. Decide how many pages/chapters you need to read each day This an important first step. Before I begin any book, I make sure I know how many chapters or pages I need to read each day. For example, the book I am reading now has 48 chapters, so I must read 7 chapters a day. This provides daily feedback whether or not I am on track to finish the book on time. If I fall behind a chapter or 2, I can easily add them to the next days reading quota.

2. Read in class If you are in school, don’t be afraid to read in class. We are multitasking beings by nature, and we can’t be expected to focus solely on the instructor to fill our attention. Also, don’t be afraid that you will retain less information, if you multitask effectively, you will be able to retain both the lecture and the reading material

3. Read while eating We eat 3 times a day, usually anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes each meal. While your mouth is chewing, you can take that time to open your book and read. I’ve actually found this has the added benefit of slowing down your eating, which has shown to be effective in digesting food and reducing fat.

4. Don’t re-read, use sticky notes Often, when reading a crutial part of a book, we will re-read it to better understand the authors intentions. Instead of re-reading and wasting that time, put a sticky note in that page and write down a small comment. This way, when your finished with the book, at any time you can come back and re-read the main points. If you don’t have sticky notes around, use a moleskine or similar small notebook and keep a page dedicated to small notes. Write down the page number, and a short comment, and continue reading.

5. Read while carrying out your duty This technique is mainly useful for men. While on the John, it can be useful to use this time and read a couple pages of that book your clamoring to finish. I have found that this time by oneself can be very peaceful and I will retain much of what I have read. If your squeamish about bringing your books in the b-room, either a. clean up, or b. go on to the next tip.

6. Wake up 20 minutes early This one is pretty self explanatory. Wake up 20 minutes early, go get a glass of OJ, and read for those extra minutes. Added up, you’ve just alotted over 2 hours of more reading time over the course of the week. Waking up 20 minutes early is not too overly difficult, and I have found that the mental stimuli early in the morning can give me more energy during the day.

7. Read, don’t watch. This one is powerful if your a T.V. watcher. Everytime you find yourself watching TV, turn it off and read instead. This can be expecially powerful right before bed, when many of us dose off to a turned on tube. Instead, fall asleep with a book in your hands, and you’ll find your sleep more satisfactory as well as knowing your that much closer to finishing that book.

8. Take short breaks to avoid burnout. Have you ever found yourself halfway down a page of a book, and all of a sudden you realize that you haven’t retained the last page at all? This happens because your brain gets tired of reading about once every five minutes. A technique taught to me by a very successful entrepreneur/motivator/lifehacking man is to keep a piece of fruit, like an apple, or a cold drink, next to me while reading, and every 5 minutes take a 15-20 second break by taking a bite of the fruit or a swig from my drink. This has proven wonders for my reading speed and retention. I find myself being able to read for longer periods of time. Instead of getting burned out after half an hour, I can read for 2-3 hours straight.

9. Workout I know this doesn’t seem related to reading, but working out can be a valuable tool in reading speed and retention. Study after study has shown that being healthy and having an active lifestyle will increase your mental capacity. I started working out in the beginning of summer, and since then I have found to have more energy, an ability to focus for longer periods of time, and clearer thought. I also sleep better. And, as a bonus, some workouts can be performed while reading! A stationary bike is perfect for reading, and it really gets your heart rate up and burns fat.

10. When in crunch time, ignore your RSS reader This may seem strange coming from a blog, but at least for me, my RSS reader can soak up much of my time. Instead, turn off that RSS reader and actually VISIT the blogs you like the most. For me, this would include, Signal Vs Noise,,, and

What are some of the tips and tricks that you use to read faster and more effectively?

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Project 2010 Tutorial

If you are a task supervisor who needs to handle several various jobs instantly, and looks after many workers, the Project 2010 tutorial may be simply what you need in order to do your task efficiently.

You will certainly find out how to utilize the software the way it was intended when you invest in an MS Project 2010 tutorial. These tutorials are excellent for individuals that are visual learners, since each action is received specific. You could adhere to along using your own software.

Even if you have actually never ever made use of the software application before, or you don’t consider on your own to be technologically inclined, you will certainly discover the Project 2010 Download guide simple to make use of and know. Whether you see it on the computer, or on a DVD in the comfort of your own house, you will learn the fundamentals of this program in a brief amount of time. Today are just some of the lessons you will master.You will certainly think about just how you ever endured without it when you have understandings the principles of this program. Along with the standard courses, you will also find out some valuable quick ways, pointers and methods that will certainly make your usage of the program more effective.

There are many Project 2010 tutorials that can be discovered on the web. Several of them are free of charge, and some are not. Some can be downloaded right to your pc, and some been available in DVD kind.The sort of MS Project 2010 Tutorial you get will certainly depend rather on the amount of you currently know. If you have actually already utilized an earlier variation of the software after that you need to have an understanding on the fundamental principles. Maybe you simply would like to know exactly what changes have been made to the 2010 version.

Whichever variation you pick, you’ll intend to see to it that the trainer is qualified. They ought to be MS licensed and have huge encounter of the software application you wish to learn about. Remember that you obtain exactly what you spend for; free courses may be easy on the pocketbook, however they may not give you the information you’re looking for.

The Project Standard 2010 Tutorials are designed to ensure that you could jump right to the area you need. You don’t have to start from the very beginning of the program, although you will certainly want to study the course in its whole.

More info:

Project Standard – Office – Microsoft

Future of Technology

Future of Technology in Retail

The use of record has regularly benefited a sell industry. It has done a attention some-more organized, under obligation as well as efficient. There is a lot of range for a doing of technology. However you notice which most retailers do not know a energy of record which would have measureless stroke upon a expansion of sales if implemented. There is a immeasurable expansion in record though retailers still loiter during a back of in implementation.

Technology has grown in leaps as well as finish over a final decade as well as will go upon to grow in a geometric progression. Moore’s law states which “The series of transistors upon an integrated circuit will stand in over each eighteen months”. Moore is a co-founder of record hulk Intel. This law changes ones viewpoint upon what stroke future of technology as well as a applications can have over each industry.

In a sell attention enlarge have been not done by a singular contract though by substantiating a great dialog as well as a prolonged tenure bargain with customers. Getting a commercial operation to be constant to a store is not an simply achieved task. It’s all about structure repute as well as study a customer’s patterns over a duration of time. Profiling of commercial operation assistance a prolonged approach in substantiating a great dialog as well as technology review can be used in accomplishing this.

advanced technology

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a future of technology which was invented about 60 years ago though has found a focus in a Retail attention usually recently. Radio frequencies have been unique, so a applications distortion vastly in identifying objects uniquely. The series of suppliers regulating RFID has increasing by leaps as well as finish seemingly since they will stop to be suppliers if they do not do so. RFID can be incorporated in to existent supply sequence government which can revoke a work compulsory to ensure a products transformation as well as register flow. Used along with a club formula element RFIDs can concede manufacturers as well as retailers to element existent systems whilst entertainment some-more report via a supply chain. RFID’s can additionally action as a confidence ensure during gateways. It can additionally control involuntary inventories as well as revoke batch outs as well as overages. Accounting discrepancies can additionally be removed.

Database government systems give retailers fit collection for profiling commercial operation as well as handling each indicate of sale transaction. Well managed as well as delicately organised files have it easy to entrance interpretation from a database. Even a non-programmer can entrance a database regulating sure built-in tools.

Large scale markets as well as malls in India denote a great use of record in parking spaces; billing counters as well as security. The interpretation prisoner can be used in most ways to give insights upon sales as well as enlarge profitability. The use of record does not finish here. It can be used as a absolute selling tool. Having a website or an online emporium can enlarge sales as well as additionally publicize products. It is an additional entrance to beget income as well as capture some-more people to stores.

Technology has immeasurable as well as vital implications in practical shopping, where a patron can emporium anything he wants inside of a couple of clicks of a button. The most appropriate partial of carrying an online emporium is which it is permitted all a time. Most stores have a integrated online selling choice which enables commercial operation sitting from their of offices.

Before introducing any latest future of technology to a sell store, a tradesman need regularly ask himself either it is starting to good a patron in a little approach or increases his profitability.

Retail is an attention which is regularly personification locate up with technology. There is so most range for retailers to exercise record in their business. The plea they have been confronting right right away is about how they can go about integrating record in to their commercial operation as well as creation it work together as a group to get a most appropriate probable results.

Promote your business brilliantly with a creative advertising agency

1970s Advertising – Poster – Hudson 1 (Germany)

Image by Pink Ponk
1971 Poster Advertisement
“Hudson Stützstrümpfe” (From the array of posters of stockings)
Advertising Agency: Werbeagentur Reiwald AG

Spreading the word about your commercial operation as good as your product or use is unequivocally critical in today’s world. There have been most commercial operation solutions out there which have the far-reaching operation of products to sell to their audiences. To tarry amidst such assertive competition, we will have to review to the little innovative strategies which will safeguard which your commercial operation as good as your code name, is being recognized. One of the most appropriate ways in which we can grasp this is by good promotional strategies.  Approaching the good promotion group will be the most appropriate choice to get your name renouned with aim audiences.

There have been most ways in which we can assistance your company’s promotions. While approach offered does stroke sales directly, we can emanate unusual code recognition about your commercial operation with the beautiful promotion agency. Imaginative advertisements which showcase your business, the product or the little latest try will unequivocally pull courtesy towards your commercial operation or the code name. One of the strongest strategies which will be means to assistance we get the arrange of commercial operation we find is branding. A company’s code name has the unequivocally critical purpose to fool around in augmenting the recognition of the commercial operation as good as the products.

With the right offered strategies, your commercial operation can get measureless sales in no time. There have been most opposite approaches which can be adopted when we confirm upon embarking upon the promotional campaign. Advertising, but the disbelief will infer to be the unequivocally convincing track of achieving success as it will settle your brand’s name in the market. You will additionally be means to aim sold businesses as good as applicable audiences by coming the special ad group for your needs. Selling the record product will be unequivocally easy if we take the assistance of the record promotion group which knows all about offered technological gadgets as good as tools.

There have been most advantages which we will be means to acquire when we work with the begin up promotion agency. They will have the unequivocally latest workforce meddlesome in creation the symbol in the marketplace as good as so they will work tough upon your beautiful concepts. Some of the most innovative professionals as good will be means to pull in their strange thoughts for your promotional campaigns. A unequivocally critical aspect here which will have an critical partial to fool around in your promotional debate is open relations. Someone who is good capable with this partial of the debate will be means to have certain which your tie with your clients is stable. They will take caring of your clients well.

There have been most businesses out there right right away who have been slugging it out to strech the series the single mark as good as beget limit sales. Once we relief of the services of the most appropriate promotion group around, we won’t need to be concerned during all about the competition. These promotion professionals will interpose their beautiful juices in your promotional debate good as good as will safeguard which your commercial operation name is remembered by all those who matter.

Creative Advertising Agency is the writer of this essay upon Technology Advertising Agency. Find some-more report about Best Advertising Agency here.

a good story about how the offered debate is made. Speakers contend what they consider as good as not what they should contend | we will similar to it

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